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My friend's daughter  took your class and gained 100 points on the SAT.  Is that typical?

Sure!! Most students gain between 80 and 160 points.  The students who have more time to practice the strategies often gain much more!!

We actually recommend that students take the class and learn the unwritten "rules" before their first SAT whenever possible.  There are two main ways to increase SAT scores. One is a broad review of math and vocabulary skills. This traditional process is extremely time consuming. We have found that a more efficient route is to concentrate on the concepts that show up most frequently, and to focus on test taking skills and strategies specifically tailored for the SAT. Since the SAT is a standardized test, it is fairly predictable and therefore, much easier to master that you may think. We will expose the secrets of the SAT, show the most popular types of questions, and show how to identify and solve the “tricky” problems.



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